Ethylene Control Products

Ethylene Molecule

Ethylene is a hydrocarbon which has the formula C 2H 4 or H₂C=CH₂. It is a colorless flammable gas with a faint “sweet and musky” odour when pure. It is the simplest alkene.


The ripening hormone Ethylene is emitted by most types of fresh produce. Fruits and vegetables produce this gas to initiate the ripening process.

It’s Ethylene that makes your fruit, veg and flowers ripen and eventually over-ripen and rot.

Ethylene is completely natural and is produced by fruit & veg and flowers themselves. By controlling it we can slow down the ripening process and extend the shelf life of fresh produce and flowers too.

Our products absorb the Ethylene produced by fruits and vegetables, delaying the ripening process. This keeps your produce fresh for an extended period, allowing you to sell it, not throw it in the bin.