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Ethyguard F16500 Ethylene Control Machine


FI6500 Ethylene Control Machine

The EthyGuard FI6500 air purification machine is a compact, versatile machine designed to be used within any cool room or storage facility. It can be wall mounted or simply placed on a shelf in the ideal location for maximised ethylene control. Multiple units can be used within the same facility to achieve desired service intervals and filter capacity.

When produce releases ethylene into the air around it, the ethylene begins to ripen fruit and vegetables in its vicinity. While ripening, your produce generates more Ethylene gas, which causes your produce to ripen further. This cycle is the cause of decay and wilting, so surely it makes sense to stop the cycle?

Our machines have fans that force the air within the storage area through our filters. These filters absorb and neutralize the ethylene gas, removing it from the air around your produce.

With our ethylene control machines in place, the air around your produce will be free of Ethylene. Your Fruit and Veg will slow down their ethylene production cycle, which means your produces’ ripening cycle will slow dramatically thus your shelf life has been extended.

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