Ethylene Control Products

Ethyguard F16500 Ethylene Control Machine


FI6500 Ethylene Control Machine

The EthyGuard FI6500 air purification machine is a compact, versatile machine designed to be used within any cool room or storage facility. It can be wall mounted or simply placed on a shelf in the ideal location for maximised ethylene control. Multiple units can be used within the same facility to achieve desired service intervals and filter capacity.

Ethyguard Sachets


Ethylene Control Sachets

Every client is different. Some send their produce in trays and others in bins or in boxes on pallets. This, along with the fact that every produce type requires different handling techniques, inspired us to create a flexible ethylene control solution that we could adapt to suit multiple needs.

Our manufacturing process allows us to be as flexible as possible with our product design as well as be efficient in delivering our products at an ideal price point. We offer sachets in a range of both media capacity and physical dimensions.

Ethyguard Media