“Enhanced Supply Chain, Enhanced Shelf Life”


We are a New Zealand based company that has experience in the ethylene control business. We understand Ethylene and Ethylene control.

We offer a range of ethylene control products and services that allow you to get the most out of your fresh produce. Our products help remove ethylene from the local air body around your fresh produce, thereby delaying the ripening process. This allows you to sell your produce knowing with confidence that your product will make it to the consumer and ultimately be eaten not binned.


We aim to minimise food waste, despite knowing that it’s a lofty goal for little people like us.

Even a very quick investigation will reveal that the amount of fresh produce grown around the world and thrown away before consumption is staggering.

We believe a significant amount of this food waste is avoidable, simply by treating our fresh produce with as much care as possible. Our services can be applied to different segments of the global produce industry. Allow us to save money, time and most importantly, the produce itself – The resource needed to keep the world’s population fed.


Everyone has different needs and requirements and at different stages of the Post-Harvest cycle. Our ethylene control machines and sachets are adaptable to suit many situations. Being adaptable allows us to offer a calculated solution to any ethylene control needs.

Contact us today to discuss how we can help reduce ethylene from your storage or transport options.